#2 The Thing About The Perception Of Time

Can you remember, when your perception slipped from “now” to “back then” and “sometime”?

As children, we spent most of the day living in the moment. However, the older we get our attention seems drift and split up - our gaze goes back to where we were as well as forward, where we might be, forgetting to appreciate the “here and now”.

"If I would have/could have" and "when I'm retired, then ..." We all sang that song in one way or another, and in a way we need to know the melody. The difference from unhappiness to happiness, however, as with so many things is the key you play the song. We can learn from our past, but make peace with past tragedies, "mistakes" and defeats. Yes, we even need these failures to grow along with it.

So do not damn them, celebrate them as milestones!

Future goals can help us to make plans, can motivate and give direction. However, if you spend too much time building your castles in the air, you too often overlook what you should value right now.

We often forget, but the moment is the only thing we really have, so let's try to be aware of it! The important thing is as always the point of view;)