#1 The Thing About Homesickness

After more than a year of traveling, we are asked the same question over and over again:

How much longer do you wanna spend on the road?

We can not answer this question at the moment. We will come back if we feel the need to come back, or if, for some reason, we have to. Right now, we just know that traveling gives us content. We are deeply satisfied with our life as it is, with all the good and bad.

Right from the start we said, we want to try traveling open end and nothing has changed so far. That’s why we have extended the sublease of our apartment until December 2019 and are looking for jobs in New Zealand to continue exploring the world after refilling our travel funds.

We also realized, we’re not made out of steel. From time to time we need breaks. Settle down for at least a short while and develop routines. This helps so much while traveling longterm. We can recharge our batteries and the rest-periods motivate us to move on again. Slow travel is currently our motto.

Do we sometimes long for friends and family? Sure! Especially on days like birthdays or other holidays we miss our loved ones, to crack jokes and laugh together, to toast to the good and bad and to give hugs where they are needed dearly. But we rarely get infected by homesickness - fleeting moments, where we long for the usual. however, these moments vanish instantly as we plunge back into the unfamiliar. Too big is the curiosity and yearning for the next adventure.

It’s the people we lack, not the places or belongings we left behind. We are looking forward to seeing our favorite people again, even if we do not know when exactly that will be.





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